1540 7th Ave N
Payette, ID 83661


What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on size of units. Click here for rates or call for availability and rates.

Do I need insurance?

We do not carry insurance on your items. Please contact your insurance agent for your homeowners policy or purchase renters insurance. Insurance is the renters responsibility.

How do I get into my unit?

We will give you a code and some areas you will need a key, you can purchase a lock from us.

What are the different ways to make payment?

You can come in to make your payment, you can send it to us in the mail or use our drop box. We also accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone. If you prefer we can set up auto pay for you also.

What do I need to rent a unit from you?

You will need you’re a valid photo id or valid drivers license. If you are storing a Vehicle, Rv or Boat you will need your registration.

How long are leases?

We rent month to month. The first month is not refundable.